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From Basics To Brilliance:
Bachata Evolution.


I'm Emi

I'm Saj

Transform your dreams into reality on the dance floor! Our welcoming studio is where beginners become pros and everyone in between finds their rhythm and style.

 Community of Over 200 SatisfiedStudents

Expert Instruction Tailored to Your Progress

Regular Social Events to Practice and Connect

Transparent Pricing

With No Hidden Fees

Why Choose Us?

Group Classes

  • Use Code "BBB" at checkout and pay only 50 aed to save your spot, rest...

    Loading days...

    1 hr

    650 UAE dirhams
  • Use Code "BBS" at checkout and pay only 50 aed to save your spot, rest...

    Loading days...

    1 hr

    650 UAE dirhams
  • Use Code "BBA" at checkout and pay only 50 aed to save your spot, rest...

    Loading days...

    1 hr

    650 UAE dirhams

Book Your Class For Only 50 Aed

Use Code - "BBB" at checkout (Bachata Beginners)

Use Code - "BBS" at checkout  (Bachata Intermediate)

Use Code - "BBA" at checkout (Bachata Advance)

Pay Only 50 aed and book your spot, Only 25 spots per month. 

Pay the rest at the studio if you like the class. Win - Win ;)

Private & Free Classes

  • Bring a friend or fly solo, don't miss this free class!

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    1 hr

  • Join our Expert Teachers for Kizomba private class

    Loading days...

    1 hr

    350 UAE dirhams
  • Book your private class as a single class or package for Salsa , Bacha...

    1 hr

    350 UAE dirhams

How Our Classes Look Like

What Our Students Say About Us

Saj's advanced bachata class took my skills to new heights! His guidance and Emi's support made every step feel effortless

- Sara 

In Saj and Emi's beginner bachata class, I felt welcomed and encouraged. They create such a positive atmosphere for learning

- Ashley

I can't thank Saj enough for his beginner bachata class. With Emi's guidance, I gained the confidence to step onto the dance floor with joy.

- Ahmed

In Saj and Emi's intermediate bachata class, I found the perfect balance of challenge and fun. Their dedication to their students' progress is inspiring

- Suzanne 

How It Works

Step 1

Sign up for your class on the website, We will reserve your spot for you.

You will also get an Email reminder about on the day of your class. 

Step 2

Show up to Concorde tower -apt 814 
with your best dancing shoes.

Location will be sent to your email as well and is available on the website. 

Step 3

You will be paired up with a dance partner similar to your level, all you have to do is take the class and enjoy the flow of dance.

  • How Soon Should I Start.
    Our Bachata classes are on Wednesdays and Sundays at 7pm, 8pm and 9pm.
  • How Much Is It?
    It 650/- Aed for a package of 12 classes.
  • Do I Need to Bring a Dance Partner learn Dance Classes?
    You do not need to bring a dance partner to learn dancing, Our dance classes are divided into 3 categories , beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. If you are a beginner then you will be dance with the group where there will be a other beginner dancers with you to pair up with.
  • What's The Difference Between Private & Group Classes.
    In Private Classes you are given special attention to your specific needs & difficulties in dancing, the instructor will give you one on one classes and solve all your questions and queries. In Group Classes you will learn with a group of 8 - 15 people these are classes are cheaper in price and aim to teach the whole group instead of one on one attention.
  • I feel Anxious to Dance with a Group.
    The First Step is always the hardest, and we understand it can be overwhelming, that's why every beginner is given special attention until all your doubts are cleared, we make sure that we are making a safe space for everyone to learn and enjoy the beautiful essence of dancing with a positive attitude.
  • Where Are You Located?
    We are Located at Concorde tower -apt 814 , Dubai.
  • Do I need to book or reserve for these parties ?
    Sure. Its always good to book but its not necessary. Booking online will help us to get in touch with you and keep you informed of our events and classes. We are also offering AED 200 giveaway for our Monday night if you book online.
  • Do I need to dance or I can just come and visit the parties?
    Our parties are focused towards latin social dance styles such as Salsa, Bachata and kizomba. We are happy to have you all and to maximize your enjoyment at our events, we suggest a basic understanding of dance . However, if you are not able to dance we are providing dance classes. Currently we offer Salsa, Bachata and kizomba classes. Please check our BACHATA DANCE CLASS section for more information.
  • How can I sign up for parties ?
    We have currently 3 parties. Each of our parties are listed in upcoming events in DUBAI Monday night is held in Hi5 Rooftop and Lounge in Holiday Inn Express Wednesday night is held in Double Decker in Swissotel Al Murooj Dubai Friday night is held in Noc Noc Restaurant in Jebel Ali Recreational Center. For reservations message us at +971527799915
  • What are the prices for these parties ?
    The average parties that we hold are priced at an average of AED 50-60. We give away a lot of benefits in exchange such as pop up dance classes or free house beverages.

See you soon!

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